Saturday, November 13, 2010

A focus of inquiry . . .

This blog has been created for scholars of the social sciences and humanities who are interested in the body and bodies in our studies of global relations, conditions, and processes.  International relations does not happen without bodies: Wars are fought by people, and people (obviously) have bodies; trade happens because people make deals to buy and sell; diplomacy involves people speaking, a physical act.  Even networked communication via the Internet ultimately involves human begins, sitting around in their sacks of skin, who have a physical, embodied presence in the world.  And the sovereign state, most famously in the frontspiece of Hobbes's Leviathan, is understood as a metaphorical body.

How do bodies matter in the world?  What are the key research questions that animate us?  How do we theorize bodies?  What are the empirics we use for analyzing the body in the world? What are we finding in our research?

What are we reading?  What do we find enlightening or infuriating?

I hope this blog will start a conversation and create a virtual community as we engage this interesting subject.

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