Saturday, November 13, 2010

An unabashedly self-serving plug

If you are reading this blog, you might be interested in our paper:

Renee Marlin-Bennett, Marieke Wilson, and Jason Walton (2010).  Commodified Cadavers and the Political Economy of the Spectacle.  International Political Sociology 4, 159–177.

Here's the abstract:
Traveling anatomy exhibitions import plasticized, posed human cadavers
and place them on display. We explore the current industry, its
history, and the spectacle of anatomy exhibits. The commodification of
cadavers is examined as a problem in global political economy. The
absence of global rules identifying plastinated cadavers as human
remains allows a globalized plastination and exhibition industry. The
spectacle of the exhibitions themselves divert attention away from
important moral questions about the proper use of human remains and
about the provenance of the cadavers used to create plastinates. The
absence of global norms and the distraction of spectacle results in a
global regime permitting commodification of cadavers.

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